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Machine Wefts

We offer gorgeous machine weft of various lengths made from Russian virgin hair and colored hair. The machine wefts are priced in terms of weight, with a 100 gm weft – which is around 2 meters long – costing between $150 and upwards depending on the length and texture of the hair. Hairs made from natural blond Russian hair are sold at a surcharge of 30%. We also sell double-drawn Russian hair wefts. Do email us for a complete price list, including shipping charges. We accept Paypal on our transactions for a 5% surcharge.

Please note that the turnaround time for machine wefts is 2 weeks, not including shipping time, which can vary from 1-4 days. So please allow plenty of time for the order before ordering. In certain cases, depending on our stock, we can process the order in shorter time. We do charge extra for express transactions though.


Single drawn

PrestyveHair provides the highest-quality single-drawn virgin Russian hair on the market. Our virgin hair is praised for its silky, soft texture—as opposed to coarser Asian hair—and is in much demand from high-end hair salons worldwide. The hair comes ‘straight from the head’, in ponytails that have been washed and cleaned by professionals in the Ukraine before being dispatched.

Whom we work with?

We work with a wide range of salons, wig manufacturers and private hair extension artists across Europe, USA, Australia and South America.

Do you sell virgin blond hair?

Usually, virgin hair comes in dark brown, black and chestnut brown colors. A typical order might also include 20-30% of dark blond hair, which is in high demand. We can fill orders for 100% dark blond hair, but it costs a premium of 25%

Hair is shipped by DHL and takes a maximum of 5 business days to reach its destination anywhere in the world.

We accept online payments through Paypal. But We also like to tailor our orders to every particular client, and would like to discuss each order personally before requesting payment.

How much does postage cost?

For orders of 2 kg and under, DHL costs around £59 to Europe. It’s as little as £39 for smaller orders.

What kinds of payments do you accept?

We accept international bank transfers, Paypal and Western Union.

We ship worldwide by DHL. For more information check our single-drawn virgin hair. For orders larger than 1 kg, please email us separately. We can also give you better prices if you are ordering in bulk.


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